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About Homespun

Homespun's mission is to support the Waldorf curriculum and enrich students' home life with high quality, developmentally appropriate craft supplies, toys, books, games, and other items. Our carefully curated selection of products feature natural materials and are designed to stimulate creativity and imaginative free play. We also carry a wide selection of gifts, cards, and unique hand-crafted items for adults.

Our school store is located on the ground floor of the Waldorf School of Lexington at 739 Massachusetts Avenue. We stock a wide variety of items, emphasizing the use of natural materials. Our art supplies include a complete line of block and stick beeswax crayons, high-quality watercolor paints and brushes, and heavy-weight watercolor and drawing paper.

We carry a selection of handmade wooden toys, as well as a wide range of crafting materials: wool felt and knitting wool, felting supplies, multicolored decorating beeswax for candles, modeling beeswax, kite paper, and supplies for making puppets and dolls.

We have a large selection of beeswax candles and fine musical instruments: pentatonic flutes, recorders, glokenspiels, and lyres. We also carry cooperative games, play silks, Ostheimer wooden figures, cloth dolls, an assortment of books for children and adults, and one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for all ages. 

For more information, please email us, or call 781-860-7277.

Please note that Homespun is run by parent volunteers, and posted hours are subject to change. We suggest you call us before heading over to confirm the hours for that day.

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