WSL Lunch Program & Café

Healthy. Homemade. Convenient.

WSL offers a healthy, nutritious, freshly prepared, hot lunch Monday–Friday, in junior or regular portions. Lunch is cooked daily in our on-site kitchen by a professional cook, Geneva Cooper, supported by parent volunteers. The kitchen also features a Café where parents can gather for coffee and tea, baked goods, and lunch during the week.

Fresh, High-Quality Food

  • We utilize as many organic foods and ingredients as possible.

  • Produce from the school’s student-run biodynamic gardens occasionally makes its way to the kitchen!

  • We make and sell homemade bread at least once a week.

  • Meat is hormone/antibiotic free, if not organic.

  • Fruit is included in lunch – or on occasion a baked goodie.

  • Our baked-from-scratch treats contain no high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

Hidden Nutrition

We try to create meals that appeal to a range of ages and tastes. Many meals are even more wholesome than they sound, as we have ways of getting “stealth veggies” into dishes (which we do not emphasize in menu titles!).

Special Diets & Nut-free

We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions. Lunches can usually be modified to be gluten, dairy, nut-free, vegetarian, or vegan. The WSL kitchen is nut-free (except for coconut), meaning we do not use nuts in any of our food or stock nuts in the kitchen. However, WSL is not a nut or gluten free school. Decisions about food allergens in snacks and lunches brought from home are made on a class-by-class basis, depending on the medical needs of the students in each class. In addition, the school cannot guarantee that ingredients used in the kitchen were processed in a nut-free facility.

The Café

The Café is open every day during school hours, usually until 3:30, offering high-quality coffee, teas, snacks, smoothies, baked treats, soup, bread, and often surplus lunch items. The Café is a hub of parent socializing and crafting at school.

deluxe Café Thursday—Popovers & Poetry

Every Thursday morning after drop-off, the WSL Café invites parents to stop by for conversation and weekly poetry readings as well as a special array of baked goods and breakfast items, including organic coffee and Geneva's famous popovers!


Our soups, main dishes, and homemade breads are very popular and can be ordered ahead or picked up at the Café counter to take home. Extras from the day's lunch are often available at reduced prices after 1:30 pm.

Of course we occasionally serve...Waldorf Salad!

Of course we occasionally serve...Waldorf Salad!


Ordering Lunch is quick and easy with our 1 year subscription plans that give families a 15% discount on our lunch program. The junior option is available to students in Early childhood through Grade 1.

  • 4-Day Subscription: Regular ($734) or Junior ($586)

  • 5-Day Subscription: Regular ($914) or Junior ($726)

Day-of Purchase Option: Single lunch tickets ($6.75 regular or $5.75 junior) or sheets of 12 tickets ($81 regular or $69 junior) are available for purchase in Homespun. Day-of tickets must be placed in the basket outside of your child’s classroom or submitted to the Café by 8:30 a.m. each day.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents, caregivers, and friends of WSL can also support our Lunch Program & Café by volunteering!

  • Shifts are available throughout the day

  • All volunteers are treated to a free lunch that day and earn 1 regular lunch ticket per hour.

  • Please contact our school Chef, Geneva Cooper to sign-up for a shift.

Get 'em while they're hot...Geneva's famous, fresh-baked popovers!

Get 'em while they're hot...Geneva's famous, fresh-baked popovers!