Faculty and Staff

Early Childhood Teachers

Ellen Bisshopp
Nursery Assistant

Ellen brings her love of gardening, handwork, and stories to the WSL’s early childhood program. She has completed the Level 1 training at Sophia's Hearth Family Center and has begun Level 2 training.
Kirsten Carr
Parent-Child Teacher

Ms. Carr graduated summa cum laude from Endicott College, where she received a B.S. in psychology and an M.Ed. in elementary education. She later pursued a master’s degree in Waldorf early childhood education from Sunbridge College. After a number of years working as an infant and early childhood teacher, Ms. Carr joined the Cape Ann Waldorf School as a Head Nursery Teacher and later became the Head Teacher for the parent-child program. Ms. Carr joined the WSL faculty in 2004.
Lily-Rakia Chandler
Nursery Teacher

Ms. Chandler earned a B.A. from Goddard College in education through movement, music, and vocalization, and she received her Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University. She served as an apprentice in a Waldorf early childhood classroom at the Seeds of Joy Village in Redondo Beach, California. Ms. Chandler joined WSL's faculty as a Nursery and Kindergarten Assistant. She also stepped in as the Interim Head Nursery Teacher for four months during a leave of absence.
Laura DiMattia
Kindergarten Assistant

Ms. DiMattia brings a wealth of experience with children of all ages to WSL. She has served as a teacher assistant, most recently at a local preschool, and prior to that at the Melrose YMCA. In addition, Ms. DiMattia has been a Girl Scout leader, run craft groups, and worked as a substitute teacher in the Franklin Public Schools. Ms. DiMattia earned a certificate in Early Childhood Education from Middlesex Community College.
Nan Lawson
Kindergarten Assistant

Ms. Lawson brings a diverse professional background to her career as a teacher. She has a B.A. in East Asian studies from McGill University and has worked in the U.S. and abroad teaching English as a second language. She also worked as an immigration consultant for Digital Equipment Corp. For the past seventeen years, Ms. Lawson has worked at WSL as a Kindergarten Assistant.
Megan Lynch
Nursery Teacher

Ms. Lynch is a WSL alumni, class of 2003. She graduated from High Mowing, a Waldorf high school, where she discovered her love of photography. Ms. Lynch received a B.A. in art with a concentration in photography from New England College. After graduation, she taught at a child’s art studio as well as an afterschool program. Ms. Lynch joined WSL as an assistant in the nursery program. She is currently completing her Waldorf early childhood teacher training at Sunbridge Institute and will lead WSL’s 5-day nursery class.
Wendy Margo
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Margo earned a B.A. in Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and received her Waldorf teaching certification in early childhood education from Sunbridge Institute. She taught art in the Nashville public schools and went on to be a founding teacher at two startup schools, including the thriving Linden Waldorf School in Nashville, TN. Ms. Margo joined WSL's early childhood faculty in 2001 and has served on the Board of Trustees, Governance Council, and the Professional Development Committee. She has also been an active participant in anthroposophical studies.
Leah Palumbo
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Palumbo received her Waldorf teaching certification from Antioch University New England and has over 18 years' experience as an early childhood educator. In addition to her classroom responsibilities, Ms. Palumbo is a member of the Board Officers Committee and previously served on the College of Teachers and Governance Council.
Marilyn Pelrine
Parent-Child Teacher

Ms. Pelrine began at WSL as a parent in the school’s early years, and her four children all graduated from WSL. Ms. Pelrine was inspired to join the faculty at WSL and taught in the afternoon kindergarten program for seventeen years. The next phase of Ms. Pelrine's teaching career sprang from a growing interest in developing parent-child classes. Since 1999 she has served families with infants up to preschool-age children. The education, support, and guidance of new parents continues to be her passion.
Maureen Ryan
Parent-Child Assistant

Ms. Ryan graduated cum laude from Lesley University with a B.A. in human development. She has also completed the level one course in early childhood education at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center. Ms. Ryan has worked at WSL for a number of years as an Assistant Teacher in kindergarten, nursery, and the parent-child program. Before joining the faculty at WSL she worked at Russel Cooperative Preschool and ran a Waldorf-inspired daycare center.

Classroom Teachers

Tara DeNatale
Grade 1

After fifteen years as a body worker, Ms. DeNatale became interested in Waldorf education and was inspired to change her career. She earned an M.Ed. and her Waldorf teaching certification at Antioch University and began teaching kindergarten at WSL. The following year she began teaching a first grade class, which she graduated eight years later. She recently graduated her second class of students. Ms. DeNatale has served on the Board of Trustees at WSL and has held administrative positions as Elementary Chair, Professional Development Chair, and a member of the Governance Council during her tenure.
Elizabeth Yon
Grade 2

After earning a B.S. in sociology from Kenyon College, Ms. Yon moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she taught English for five years. She then completed a Steiner Teacher Certification program at Taruna College in New Zealand and earned an M.Ed. from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA. During this time Ms. Yon worked at WSL as a teaching assistant in first and second grades. Most recently Ms. Yon taught at the Waldkindergarten program at Natick Community Farm.
Regine Shemroske
Grade 3

Ms. Shemroske joined WSL from the Waldorf School of Ann Arbor, where she taught grades 5–7 and served as the school’s Pedagogical Chair. Ms. Shemroske’s extensive teaching experience also includes music and foreign language instruction at Pine Hill Waldorf School, as well as graduating two eighth grade classes at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. Ms. Shemroske earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Pedagogical University in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and an M.Ed. from Tufts. She received her Waldorf teacher training at Antioch University and has completed the Educational Support Teacher Training Program.
Jeanette Voss
Grade 4

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Ms. Voss attended the Rudolf Steiner Schule in Hamburg-Nienstedten and the Waldorf/ Rudolf Steiner Hochschulkolleg in Stuttgart. She holds a master’s in translation from the University of Heidelberg. Ms. Voss completed her Waldorf high school teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College and joined WSL as a handwork teacher, a position she held for twelve years. She has since graduated two eighth grade classes and is taking a third class on the journey through the grades. Ms. Voss has also served as WSL’s AWSNA representative as well as on a number of joint AWSNA/NEASC accreditation teams.
Lauren Smith
Grade 5

After a career in advertising, Ms. Smith discovered Waldorf education. She received her Waldorf Teaching Certification from Antioch University and joined WSL as a class teacher in 2004. Following the graduation of the class of 2012, Ms. Smith took a sabbatical and helped to develop and teach a Waldorf-inspired afternoon arts program in a Malden public school through Cairn Hill, where she serves on the board. At WSL, Ms. Smith has served on the Board of Trustees, as Elementary Section Chair and Professional Development Chair, and on the Governance Council. Ms. Smith’s daughter graduated from WSL in 2009.
Liz Reading
Grade 6

Ms. Reading holds a B.A. in geology from Carleton College, an M.Ed. from Lesley College, and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University. Before becoming a Waldorf class teacher in 2012, Ms. Reading assisted in grades 1 and 2 and handwork for four years. Previously she taught fifth grade science at the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School and pursued a career in the healing arts.
Paula Van den Broek
Grade 7

Ms. Van den Broek received her B.A. in Waldorf Education from Hogeschool Helicon in Zeist, The Netherlands. She is now in her fifteenth year of teaching at WSL, where she started as a substitute teacher and substitution coordinator before co-teaching kindergarten and ultimately becoming a class teacher. Ms. Van den Broek has served on the Governance Council as the Elementary Chair and College Chair. Her work as an AWSNA delegate connects her to Waldorf schools across the country and abroad.
Helena Niiva
Grade 8

Ms. Niiva grew up in Finland and received a B.A. in elementary education from Jyvaskyla University with a specialty in music, speech, and special education. After teaching in Finland for several years, Ms. Niiva moved to Germany, where her interest in anthroposophy began. She started her career at WSL first as a German teacher, then as a chorus teacher, directing four musical productions at the school. Longing to return to the classroom, Ms. Niiva earned a master’s in Waldorf education at Antioch, where she had been on the faculty for a decade teaching music curriculum. She has graduated three classes at WSL and will soon graduate a fourth.

Subject Teachers

Kathy Aluia
Handwork Teacher

Ms. Aluia guides students in grades 1–8 through the school’s fiber arts curriculum, which covers a progression of skills, including: two-needle knitting, two- and three-dimensional crochet, beginning embroidery, five-needle knitting, hand-sewing of dolls, quilting, garment making, and machine sewing.
Leah Bartell
Instrumental Music Director

Ms. Bartell earned a B.A. in music from Wesleyan University and an M.Mus. at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. While studying in Canada, she traveled to Calcutta, India, to teach violin and perform with the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of orphans through music education. Ms. Bartell has performed with symphonies, ballets, and opera companies throughout New England. She is also the founder and music director of the Great Meadows Chamber Orchestra for children. Ms. Bartell’s two sons attend WSL.
Tudor Bota
Chorus Teacher & Eurythmy Accompanist

Mr. Bota received a doctorate in piano performance from the Academy of Music Gheorghe Dima in Cluj, Romania, and an Artist Diploma in piano performance from the Boston Conservatory. He has appeared with soloists at the Metropolitan in New York and has won numerous prizes in international competitions. In addition to his role at WSL, Mr. Bota also serves as the music director at Trinity Covenant Church in Lexington.
Amanda Boyler
4th Grade Assistant, Camp Director

Ms. Boyler joined WSL from the Aurora Waldorf School in New York, where she served as a Remedial Instructor and Extra Lesson Teacher as well as the summer camp director. Ms. Boyler received a B.S. in childhood education with a concentration in English from SUNY Buffalo and an M.S. in literacy education from Medaille College. Ms. Boyler has also studied Spacial Dynamics.
Ralph Brooks
Athletics Director

Mr. Brooks holds a B.S. from Westfield State College in K–12 physical education and is certified in Spatial Dynamics. He is also certified as a Waldorf high school teacher. Mr. Brooks joined WSL’s faculty as the elementary physical education teacher in 1990. In 1995, he developed the afterschool athletics program and was promoted to athletics director. In addition to responsibility for physical education and after-school athletics for grades 2–8, Mr. Brooks also directs three special events at WSL: the 5th grade Olympics, the 6th grade Medieval Games, and the Michaelmas Games.
Christa Clark
German Teacher

Ms. Clark is a native of Germany, where she earned a B.A. in education in Cologne. She worked in Iserlohn, Germany, for 14 years as a handwork and physical education teacher and later earned her Waldorf degree as a foreign language teacher at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. Ms. Clark also has a passion for dancing and leads the school’s beloved annual Viennese Ball.
Adele Clements
English Skills Teacher

Ms. Clements received a B.A. in English from Emmanuel College, earned her M.Ed. from UMass Boston, and is certified in English Language Arts for grades 5–12. A voracious reader and passionate writer, Ms. Clements has designed and taught core curriculum units in literacy and created writing workshops in urban and suburban, public and private schools across diverse populations. Her student project, “Going For Broke,” was selected and displayed by the late Tom Menino in the Mayor’s Gallery in 2013. Ms. Clements hosts writing workshops for teens and also coaches novice teachers and facilitates symposiums on the joys of teaching and learning for the Boston Teacher Residency Program.
Susan Cody
Librarian, Social Inclusion, 1st Grade Afternoon Teacher

Ms. Cody earned a B.A. in elementary and special education at Bridgewater State College. While looking for a school for her young children, she discovered Waldorf education and never looked back. Ms. Cody studied at Rudolf Steiner College and at Antioch University in the Waldorf Collaborative Counseling Program. She has worked to develop WSL’s social inclusion and community service program for the 8th grade.
Megan Curtis
Afterschool Teacher

A graduate of WSL, Megan received her Waldorf Class Teacher Diploma from Emerson College in England, where she also trained in storytelling and art. Megan received her BA with a concentration in creative writing and philosophy from Sarah Lawrence College and studied for a year at Oxford University. She taught middle school English Skills at WSL for a decade, and currently also works as a librarian in the school library.
Glenn Dickson
Wind Instructor & Orchestra Leader

Mr. Dickson has been leading student ensembles for all ages for over 20 years. Mr. Dickson has performed and/or written music for major motion pictures (Woody Allen, Sidney  Lumet); performed at major jazz festivals in Europe and North America; produced a dozen of his own recordings and performed on many more; played with the Philadelphia Pops; and collaborated with Maurice Sendak and Ellen Kushner. He regularly performs Jewish and Greek folk music, chamber music, and jazz/swing. 
Andrea Faber
Math Skills Teacher

Ms. Faber received an M.Ed. from the University of Heidelberg, with a focus on math, geography, and biology for grades 5–10. She taught in Germany for ten years before moving to the U.S. After enrolling her two daughters at WSL, Ms. Faber joined the faculty as a Math Skills Teacher. Ms. Faber supplemented her training with Foundation Studies and numerous math workshops. Andrea helps prepare students for high school math curricula and builds their math skills and problem-solving abilities. She also helps students develop good organizational skills and a strong work ethic.
Laura Foody
Math Resource & Learning Center Teacher

Ms. Foody received a B.A. in human service studies from Cornell University and an M.S. in education from Mount Saint Mary College. She later earned a certificate in educational therapy from U.C. Santa Cruz. Ms. Foody has taught preschool and elementary special education. She has been trained to administer psychoeducational assessments, provide specialized multisensory instruction for language arts and mathematics, and address the needs of students with attention and executive function difficulties. Ms. Foody is a member of the Association of Educational Therapists and leads the Greater Boston study group.
Andrew Freeburg
Woodworking & Gardening Teacher

Mr. Freeburg patiently guides students in grades 5–8 through a woodworking curriculum that requires increasing levels of skill. Students produce signature projects each year including carving a wooden spoon from a solid block, building a 3-masted model schooner, and designing and constructing their own stools. Mr. Freeburg's skill and artistry as a master carpenter are on display throughout the school. He is also the school's gardening teacher and bee keeper, and has served in a number of capacities in school governance and leadership, including the Governance Council.
Irina Goncharov
Math Skills Assistant

Ms. Goncharov graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with an M.S. in physics and mathematics. She worked in the field of theoretical physics, occasionally giving math and physics classes to advanced high school students. Ms. Goncharov went through the two-year Foundation Studies program in Moscow and has been affiliated with WSL for the past twenty years, first as a parent and later as a Math Skills Assistant. She continues her deep involvement in anthroposophy through study groups and classes.
Eurythmy Teacher

Liaat holds a four-year eurythmy training degree from Eurythmy Spring Valley and a therapeutic eurythmy degree from Camphill Academy. Liaat is a longtime explorer of movement and stillness, and what it takes to be fully present in a body. Prior to her Waldorf trainings, Liaat was a professional dancer with a background in classical ballet, modern dance, and flamenco. Liaat also meditates and is deeply interested in mindfulness somatic practices, which color her teaching of eurythmy.
Lauren Nelson
Afterschool Assistant

Ms. Nelson is a graduate of both Pine Hill and High Mowing Waldorf Schools, in Wilton, NH. In fourth grade she learned how to play the violin, and throughout her time at both schools she was encouraged to follow her passion. After high school she earned degrees in viola performance from the Eastman School of Music (BM), the University of Kentucky School of Music (MM), and New England Conservatory (GD). Her musical career takes her all over the world, from Carnegie Hall to Mozart’s favorite opera house in Prague. Ms. Nelson also finds much joy in teaching music to children of all ages.
Jane Sheena
Cello Teacher

Ms. Sheena graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London and spent several years playing with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. While in Hong Kong, she was also a member of the well-known Melody Quintet, which performed for prestigious social functions, including concerts on the QE II. Ms. Sheena later played with the San Antonio Symphony and was very active as a chamber music player. Ms. Sheena has also been a member of the Lexington Symphony since 2005.
Catherine Steiner
1st Grade Assistant & Resource Teacher

A native of France, Ms. Steiner received a B.A. in physics. Her early work included conducting research for a French pharmaceutical company and teaching math and movement at a French school in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Steiner earned an M.Ed. in elementary education and her Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch University, as well as a certificate in Spatial Dynamics. She came to WSL as a parent (her two sons graduated from the school) and began working as a substitute teacher. She later developed a movement program and an early elementary classroom assistant position. More recently, Ms. Steiner has pursued certification in the Waldorf Extra Lesson. An avid athlete, she also coached the WSL boys soccer team for 12 years.
Rory Talk
Handwork Assistant

Ms. Talk attended the Waldorf School of Princeton and later graduated from Harvard University Extension School with a B.A. in liberal arts. She has worked as a geographical researcher for Nokia, been a full-time nanny, and helped to adapt course materials for disabled students at Harvard University’s Adaptive Technology Lab.
Shari Yudis
Reading Specialist

After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in economics and a minor in mathematics, Ms. Yudis decided that education was her passion. She was offered a full scholarship at B.U., where she earned an M.Ed. in elementary education. Ms. Yudis went on to earn her certification as a K–12 reading specialist from Lesley College. She then spent six years working in the Lincoln public schools. Ms. Yudis brought her son to WSL when he was 2 ½ and began volunteering in the early childhood program. She was later recruited to support reading skills in the elementary grades and has continued to expand her role as a reading specialist at WSL.


Mark Brown
Senior Staff Accountant

Mr. Brown has an extensive background in finance. He has worked for Polaroid Corporation and Coopers & Lybrand, as well as numerous non-profits, including Project Bread, where he was the director of business and finance. Mr. Brown's other accomplishments include running several marathons and rowing crew for Dartmouth College, where he earned a B.A. in economics.
Geneva Cooper
Kitchen Director

Ms. Cooper began working in the kitchen as an assistant in 1998 and has been running WSL’s kitchen and lunch program for 15 years. Her kitchen career has been ongoing in various ways for a number of years, as she has learned (and continues to learn) the craft from many mentors. She has also been on a large kitchen team for Dance New England Dance Camp every summer for many years, cooking for 500 people. An active anthroposopher, she is also a Waldorf High School arts teacher and a WSL alumna parent.
Jason Ek
Business Manager

Mr. Ek holds a B.S. in business administration from Eastern Nazarene College and an M.B.A. in business ethics and compliance from New England College of Business and Finance. Before joining WSL, Mr. Ek was Vice President for Business Affairs at the Academy of Notre Dame. Mr. Ek also worked for Marriott International for 16 years, starting in the hotel gift shop and working his way up to property leadership in finance and accounting.
Karen Hartman
Homespun Co-Manager

After receiving a B.A. in early childhood education from West Chester University, Ms. Hartman received her Waldorf teacher training certification from Sunbridge College and began working at the Atlanta Waldorf School as a kindergarten teacher. She later created and taught the parent-child programs at Golden Circle Kindergarten, now the River Waldorf School, in Upper Black Eddy, PA, and Suncoast Waldorf School in Clearwater, FL. At Homespun, Ms. Hartman creates a welcoming space for parents to gather, socialize, and purchase high-quality items that support Waldorf pedagogy. Ms. Hartman’s three children have all attended Waldorf schools.
Laurel Kayne
Communications Director

Ms. Kayne earned a B.A. in East Asian studies from Smith College and an M.B.A. from Babson College. After a career in educational software publishing, she worked as a freelance writer and editor for various clients including Story Trust, a publisher of personal memoirs and business histories. She has also been active as a volunteer for non-profits in local farming and energy conservation. Ms. Kayne's daughter will graduate from WSL next year.
Susan Krupp
Development Coordinator

Ms. Krupp earned a B.S. from Brown University in psychology and an M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania. For many years, she facilitated parenting education workshops and professional development programs while developing extensive event planning and project management experience working at Families First Parenting Programs in Cambridge and Parenting Resource Associates in Lexington. She volunteers her time supporting parents of 8th graders in the transition to Lexington High School, as well as facilitating a support group for parents of high school seniors.
Paul Menz
Facilities Manager

Mr. Menz graduated from Don Bosco Technical High School with a concentration in electronics. After entering college to study engineering, he decided to pursue his passion for the building trades. Mr. Menz received his Massachusetts Journeyman Electrician’s License and worked as an electrician at Tufts Medical Center for many years. He is now WSL’s indispensable Building Manager, responsible for every aspect of campus and facilities maintenance and enhancement.
Betsy Peck
Accounting & Development Assistant

Ms. Peck earned a B.A. from Wellesley College and worked in psychology research before raising a family. She has received “unofficial Waldorf training” over many years as the parent of two WSL graduates and the wearer of many hats in the business, development, and communications offices. Betsy also serves as the school’s photographer, capturing many colorful and joyous moments in the classroom, on stage, and in WSL’s festivals and special events.
Luana Preston
Office Manager

Ms. Preston earned her B.A. in sociology from UMass Boston and worked in vocational rehabilitation until having a family. As Office Manager, Ms. Preston enjoys working with and getting to know students and parents as well as faculty and staff. Her three children graduated from WSL.
Robert Schiappacasse
School Director

Mr. Schiappacasse is an education leader with three decades of experience in Waldorf education. He has served as Director of the Greenwood School in Mill Valley, California; President at Sunbridge College in New York; and Administrative Director of the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked for 13 years. Robert has served on the Leadership Council of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and has done extensive work providing professional development for Waldorf school administrators and school leaders. Mr. Schiappacasse's three grown children attended Waldorf schools beginning in preschool.
Kate Woll
Admissions Director

Ms. Woll received a B.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University with a concentration in Intercultural Understanding and a minor in Spanish. She also earned an M.Ed. from Antioch University. Ms. Woll worked for a number of years as a Women’s Rowing Coaching Assistant at Harvard University. More recently she served as the Operations Assistant for the university’s rowing program and also worked for the Institute for Rowing Leadership in Boston, supporting IRL fellows in their coaching education.
Abigail Zimmerman
Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Ms. Zimmerman has diverse fundraising experience at a range of nonprofit organizations in the Boston area, including Greenpeace, Facing History and Ourselves, WGBH, Judge Baker Children’s Center, and Shady Hill School. She is an active volunteer in her local community, giving time and expertise to the Carlisle Family Connection, Carlisle’s First Religious Society, and the Carlisle Public Schools. Ms. Zimmerman graduated from Simmons College with a B.A. in sociology. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, she attended Friends Select School, a Quaker independent school in Philadelphia, for 13 years.

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