Faculty and Staff

A fundamental tenet of Waldorf education is that the loving guidance of a class teacher whom children know and trust helps them to grow into self-confident learners and adults. Waldorf first graders typically view their teacher as an all-knowing presence. Eighth graders view that same teacher as a mentor. In all cases, students learn that their class teacher will stick with them through thick and thin. We are very proud of the fact that the Waldorf School of Lexington is a place where every child is seen, known, and loved.

Waldorf class teachers are authorities on their subject matter, as well as storytellers, musicians, artists, and actors. They teach the first two-hour lesson block of the day, covering primarily science, history, and geography. The class teacher is also responsible for students’ overall academic and social development. Subject specialists in foreign languages, math, reading, English, music, movement, handwork, woodwork, and athletics teach students throughout the grades. All Waldorf teachers are highly trained, credentialed, and experienced. Class teachers in each grade hold both a college degree and Waldorf teacher certification from one of several recognized teacher training colleges or institutes. Waldorf teacher certification requires two to three years of coursework beyond the baccalaureate degree as well as practice teaching in a Waldorf school under the supervision of experienced teachers.


It is a joy and a gift to see my daughters experience Waldorf education; to observe how thoughtfully their teachers engage with them and cherish each child’s unique character. I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to send my children to the Waldorf School of Lexington.
— WSL parent