Early Childhood Teachers


Kirsten Carr
Parent-Child Teacher

Ms. Carr graduated summa cum laude from Endicott College, where she received a B.S. in psychology and an M.Ed. in elementary education. She later pursued a master’s degree in Waldorf early childhood education from Sunbridge College. After a number of years working as an infant and early childhood teacher, Ms. Carr joined the Cape Ann Waldorf School as a Head Nursery Teacher and later became the Head Teacher for the parent-child program. Ms. Carr joined the WSL faculty in 2004.


Karen Hartman
Parent-Child Teacher & Homespun Co-Manager

After receiving a B.A. in early childhood education from West Chester University, Ms. Hartman received her Waldorf teacher training certification from Sunbridge College and began working at the Atlanta Waldorf School as a kindergarten teacher. She later created and taught the parent-child programs at Golden Circle Kindergarten, now the River Waldorf School, in Upper Black Eddy, PA, and Suncoast Waldorf School in Clearwater, FL. At Homespun, Ms. Hartman creates a welcoming space for parents to gather, socialize, and purchase high-quality items that support Waldorf pedagogy. Ms. Hartman’s three children have all attended Waldorf schools.


Nan Lawson
Kindergarten Assistant

Ms. Lawson brings a diverse professional background to her career as a teacher. She has a B.A. in East Asian studies from McGill University and has worked in the U.S. and abroad teaching English as a second language. She also worked as an immigration consultant for Digital Equipment Corp. For the past seventeen years, Ms. Lawson has worked at WSL as a Kindergarten Assistant.


Megan Lynch
Nursery Teacher

Ms. Lynch is a WSL alumni, class of 2003. She graduated from High Mowing, a Waldorf high school, where she discovered her love of photography. Ms. Lynch received a B.A. in art with a concentration in photography from New England College. After graduation, she taught at a child’s art studio as well as an afterschool program. Ms. Lynch joined WSL as an assistant in the nursery program. She is currently completing her Waldorf early childhood teacher training at Sunbridge Institute and will lead WSL’s 5-day nursery class.


Mary Mansur
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Mansur earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in optical engineering technology before setting her sights on a career in education. She went on to earn a B.S. in early childhood education, and received her Waldorf Teacher Certification from Antioch University. Over a 23-year career in education, Ms. Mansur has worked as a parent-child teacher, nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher, and early childhood section chair at the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm. Ms. Mansur is also an experienced puppeteer, gardener, and beekeeper.


Wendy Margo
Nursery Teacher

Ms. Margo earned a B.A. in Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and received her Waldorf teaching certification in early childhood education from Sunbridge Institute. She taught art in the Nashville public schools and went on to be a founding teacher at two startup schools, including the thriving Linden Waldorf School in Nashville, TN. Ms. Margo joined WSL's early childhood faculty in 2001 and has served on the Board of Trustees, Governance Council, and the Professional Development Committee. She has also been an active participant in anthroposophical studies.


Leah Palumbo
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Palumbo received her Waldorf teaching certification from Antioch University New England and has over 18 years' experience as an early childhood educator. In addition to her classroom responsibilities, Ms. Palumbo is a member of the Board Officers Committee and previously served on the College of Teachers and Governance Council.

Marilyn Pelrine
Parent-Child Teacher

Ms. Pelrine began at WSL as a parent in the school’s early years, and her four children all graduated from WSL. Ms. Pelrine was inspired to join the faculty at WSL and taught in the afternoon kindergarten program for seventeen years. The next phase of Ms. Pelrine's teaching career sprang from a growing interest in developing parent-child classes. Since 1999 she has served families with infants up to preschool-age children. The education, support, and guidance of new parents continues to be her passion.


Maureen Ryan
Parent-Child Assistant

Ms. Ryan graduated cum laude from Lesley University with a B.A. in human development. She has also completed the level one course in early childhood education at Sophia’s Hearth Family Center. Ms. Ryan has worked at WSL for a number of years as an Assistant Teacher in kindergarten, nursery, and the parent-child program. Before joining the faculty at WSL she worked at Russell Cooperative Preschool and ran a Waldorf-inspired daycare center.