Core Educational Values

Many qualities define a Waldorf education, but at the Waldorf School of Lexington, we have distilled these seven values as fundamental.


We are the journey

We believe in an unhurried childhood, where education is not a race or an outcome, but a personal process of discovery.

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We are independent thinkers

Our rigorous academic program teaches students to consider ideas from multiple angles, weigh conflicting information, and form their own conclusions. These skills are the foundation of complex problem-solving.

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We are all musicians, artists and actors

Our students do not audition. Every student joins in class plays, chorus, orchestra, woodworking, movement, painting, and handwork.

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We are outdoors

We value fresh air and outdoor play for children of all ages.


We are unplugged

Our classrooms are screen-free and our students thrive. Teachers emphasize story telling, hands-on experimentation, and other forms of sensory-rich learning.


We are civic minded

We shake hands, hold the door, and look people in the eye—human connections that our modern world needs.


We are lifelong learners

We believe that learning can be, and should be, a lively and joyful experience—one that lasts a lifetime.

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We are the Waldorf School of Lexington

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There is nothing like a Waldorf education. 
And no time when it has been more important.

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