Afterschool Application

Please fill out a separate application for each child. Program fees will be added to your enrollment contract payment plan.

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Name of parent
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Name of child
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I understand and consent to the following policies: 1) There will be no refunds made for days missed due to a child’s illness or for cancellations of school due to weather conditions. 2) There is a six-week trial period in the Afterschool program. During this time, the school or the parent(s) may determine that the child will not continue in the program. There will be no financial obligation beyond the six-week period. 3) Children may be withdrawn from the program without further financial obligation prior to October 31. Written notification must be given to the Admissions Office two weeks in advance. If children are withdrawn after October 31, the space must be filled in order for a refund or credit to be applied. By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have read the above policies and understand and consent to them. *