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After seven years of leadership and dedicated service as School Director at the Waldorf School of Lexington, Robert Schiappacasse has decided to step down at the end of this school year for personal reasons.

It is with reluctance that we accept his resignation. Under Robert’s leadership, WSL developed as a professionally managed institution with defined processes, vibrant and effective staff, and strong support for the school’s highly regarded faculty. The school has continued its nearly 50-year tradition of offering programs that nurture and educate children, and WSL is considered a standard bearer for Waldorf schools across the country.

Robert’s stewardship of school resources has been truly exemplary. Contributions to our annual fund are consistently high, a testament to the community’s support for the school, which has been inspired in part by Robert’s leadership. The endowment is growing consistently and is recognized as a key financial instrument. Throughout Robert’s years, the school has supported financial aid programs, a compelling example of the school’s mission put into practice.

Robert is an admired authority in Waldorf education, a dedicated professional who gave it all for our school; we have been so fortunate to have had him as WSL’s school director for seven years. Robert is leaving a school that is poised for growth, highly regarded, and routinely visited by professional observers from around the world.

We look forward to celebrating Robert's many contributions, and we wish him and his family the very best.

The Search for a New Director

The Board and College of Teachers will move forward thoughtfully, conducting a national search to identify the best candidate to be our next school director. Robert will remain engaged and committed to the projects currently underway through the end of the school year and into the fall as need be. The Board has created a transition team to identify short- and long-term steps necessary to ensure that there are no disruptions to our capacities and programs. Our first and foremost goal is to ensure that students receive a high quality education rooted in Waldorf values. Change is also opportunity, and we look forward to a collaborative effort that will ensure that our school remains true to the Waldorf principles on which it was founded.

Transition Committee

The Transition Committee (TC) will plan for shifting responsibilities in the near term and develop a longer-term interim plan if a new school director is not found before the start of the 2018–2019 school year. The Transition Committee mandate, approved by the Board of Trustees, details the responsibilities, purview, and makeup of the Committee.

Transition Committee members include:

Paulo Milko, Board President and TC co-chair
Shannon Ames, Board member
Russ Ayan, Board Treasurer and TC co-chair
Amanda Bosh, Board Vice President and TC co-chair
Lauren Smith, College member
Jeanette Voss, College Chair

Search Committee

The Search Committee is working to hire a permanent replacement for Robert, including conducting a national search and vetting candidates. The committee expects to continue reviewing applications through the summer.

We welcome community comments and questions on this process. Please contact Search Committee members Alison Ryan and Amanda Bosh.


An important aspect of the search for a new school director is the collaboration between the leadership bodies of the school and with the school community. To that end, the Transition Committee has met with the school’s directors, the PCA, the Governance Council, and members of the community. In addition, a joint College-Board meeting was held on May 3rd to prioritize key skills the Search Committee will be looking for in a replacement.

Search Committee members include:

Russ Ayan, SC Chair and Board Member
Amanda Bosh, Board Vice President
Susan Cody, College Member
Wendy Margo, Early Childhood Chair
Shannon Marks, Current Parent
Paulo Milko, Board President
Alison Ryan, Board Member
Catherine Steiner, ESD Chair
Irit Tamir, Board Member
Carlos Trostli, Board Member
Jeanette Voss, College Chair
Chris Woll, Board Member
Elizabeth Yon, Class Teacher

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