Summer Camp at WSL

Summer Camp at the Waldorf School of Lexington is an engaging program for the mind, body, and spirit of children ages 5–12. The program is led by Amanda Boyler, who brings a wealth of experience from her role as camp director at the Aurora Waldorf School, and is open to all families, both within and beyond the WSL community.

Parents can choose three individual weeks of full days or half days (ages 5–6 only), with early drop-off and extended day options. Consistent with the mission of WSL, the program aims to cultivate in each child a sense of wonder and curiosity for the natural world, creativity, collaboration with others, and confidence to engage in new experiences.

The program offers unique crafts, group games and hiking, cooking projects, and nature-based play on campus and in the nearby meadows and forest. Mixed-age groups provide a welcome chance for new and lasting friendships across the grades. And true to the Waldorf ethos, we'll have fun rain or shine, so keep those rain boots handy!

Session Dates

Week 1: June 20–June 24
Week 2: June 27–July 1
Week 3: July 4–July 8

Hours and Costs

Half day:            8:30–12:30   $350/wk (ages 5–6 only)
Full day:             8:30-4:30      $530/wk (all ages)
Early drop-off:  8:00–8:30      $75/wk
Extended day:  4:30–5:30      $120/wk

Daily schedule and program details


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Staff Profiles

Amanda Boyler,
Camp Director

Amanda taught at the Aurora Waldorf School and served as the director of their summer camp program. She is currently WSL's 4th grade assistant and a substitute across the grades.

Mary Mansur,

Mary is a Waldorf trained early childhood teacher who has taught nursery and kindergarten for many years at the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm.

Susan Cody,
grades 1–2

Susan is WSL’s 1st grade afternoon teacher, social inclusion teacher, and school librarian.

Lauren Smith,
grades 3–6

Lauren is a trained Waldorf class teacher at WSL and is on her 2nd round teaching the 3rd grade.

Each camp group will also have an assistant and several counselors in training.

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